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Pimp my cow in Karol Bagh!

December 15, 2009

Foreigners in India have a tendency to do weird things. The world around is just way to tempting with all the jugaad approach around and limitless opportunities not constrained by any rules – legal or whatsoever – one have to strictly obey. Impossible is nothing (although what’s easy and seem obvious is usually quite difficult – but that’s a different story).

I guess this what I love the most about this wicked country. The limit is your imagination.

Examples? Here you are.

From my own experience – definitely organizing unofficial open championships in Cycle Rickshaw Racing would be shortlisted. You can check the video from this amazing event here .

But we didn’t push it quite as far as these two fellows, who decided to… buy over a cicle and ship it back to the Netherlands! Well – it’s not easy to stand out in terms of style on crowded Amsterdam bike roads, so I think brave Dutchies came up with just the right idea for a big time style manifesto, fantastic ice breaker and – after all – quite a good heartwinner…

There was also an awesome idea of customized hand painted bollywood poster style thanksgiving card made by Dave&Jenny, which is probably the most famous story of all expat stories in Delhi!

But what I came across today on Yuni-Net has just killed me. And reply – even more…

Mr. John (names changed)

” I would like to buy a (female) cow for milk. Preferably black and white, 1-2 years old. Need to export with me in about a year (to EU). Budget is under 1 lakh, but can negotiate if the cow is right. Pls get in touch. Serious inquire.”

Obviously – it wasn’t left without a friendly and informative advice from one of other members.

“I hear that one can get a custom made one in Karol Bhag*, they also appear to do a great paint job.”

No more comments needed I guess. I wish I heard this one earlier, when I was writing about cows in Delhi. It would have made such a brilliant point to this post.

* – Karol Bagh – one of Delhi markets, famous in particular for being a bike/car repairing/customization center of Delhi.

More customized cows here

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